The #1 Belgian female deejay duo 2EMPRESS consists of two fizzing femmes fatales: Charline and Justine. 2EMPRESS originates from Antwerp, Belgium’s fashion capital and hotbed of various international artists. What unifies Charline and Justine is their insatiable hunger for electronic music.

They started feeding this hunger in 2011 by taking their first steps into the professional Belgian music scene. Their national breakthrough followed a year later with performances in exclusive clubs such as Carré, Noxx and Gotha. 2EMPRESS got large-scale international attention in 2014, with non-stop plane flights taking them from Europe to Brazil, Mexico, Curaçao, Costa Rica, Dubai and Israel. Wherever 2EMPRESS goes, their image of electrifying energy, unique personal style and deep understanding of electronic music precedes them. Their magnetic and upbeat stage presence has already culminated into sets at the most prestigious dance music festival worldwide: Tomorrowland.

In the past few years, 2EMPRESS has been producing tracks for various labels. But this year, Charline and Justine are releasing house, dance and future house tracks on their very own label. They will also be the stars and fresh new faces of a famous Belgian television program following their national and international tour this summer. In 2015, their passion for music was rewarded: 2EMPRESS is now considered the #77 best female deejay duo in the world. But they won’t stop producing hot beats and performing at renowned dance festivals worldwide until they are NUMBER1.

House Electro
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